Powerful erection enhancing pleasure, perfect for the man who appreciates size. Try out the Adonis Pump, an award winning pump voted “Pump of the Year!” by the American Pumper’s Association! Experiencing pure pleasure couldn’t be easier with the easy-to-use enhancement pump and EZ grip handle plus two interchangeable sleeves to change up how you reach your destination whilst providing added stimulation, or may be used independently as a masturbator! Made from quality components, the Adonis Pump boasts a tapered Silicone donut for maximum suction, flexible, non-crimping air hose and quick release purge valve for your comfort. Materials: SAN (cylinder) ABS (handle, release valve) Phthalate-Free PVC (hose) TPR (sleeve) Silicone




None Required

Size (imp)


Size (met)

13.25 cm x 4.5 cm (sleeve) 22.5 cm x 6.25 cm (cylinder) 6.25 cm x 5 cm (donut)


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